Ready to enter in?

2015 MW
Think of this space as temple space. A website that, on first glance, may seem populated only by words and pictures, but at another, the pages teeming with goddesses – the serpentine sway of their hips undulating seductively, the soles of their feet communicating with the rich earth below, their hair star-spangled and love-tangled, their wisdom worn as comfortably as their skin, as their soul.


Here you will find additional information concerning your goddess of 2015. Truly, the words that describe and evoke her energy, her story, are only meant to be a starting place. Think of everything you read here as an invitation to dive a little deeper.


Your goddess is calling you onto the dance floor of your life – and you don’t need to know all the steps, you don’t need to overthink each move. It’s not about being led – not this kind of dance – it’s about learning how to be in relationship with the mystery with the goddess as your guide. Presence. Receptivity. Responsiveness. And a willingness to enter in.


And you’ve already demonstrated that, because you’ve found yourself here – in our goddess temple space.


If you have not already purchased your My Word Goddess Reading for 2015, and you would like to know which goddess is stepping forward to meet you in the coming year, then you can do so by clicking the link below….




However, these readings are only available for a short time every year, and so you’ll want to buy yours before the 31st Jan 2015 – the final day of their sale.


If you have already purchased your reading, you will already know who your goddess guide is for 2015, and you may be looking for ways to feel connected to her. I have written a special exclusive article for you on goddess connection, which you can find here (accessing with the password you’ll find on your goddess page).


You may also want to explore the Practice Prompts as ways in which to explore your goddess. I’m sharing 10 Practice Prompts To Get You Started to keep you going for just now. And then every week beginning the 2nd Feb 2015, I’ll be sharing another practice prompt for you to explore.


Want even more goddess goodness? I have a free Goddess Guidance group on FaceBook, which you are welcome to join. And, also on FaceBook, I have a Goddess Guidance Inner Circle where members receive a monthly goddess to explore, access to which is only £17 per month.


I also offer 1-on-1 Goddess Guidance support through Skype. If you are interested in working with me in this way, then check out Goddess Guidance Plus and Goddess Guidance Premium to see which service would best meet your needs and your desire.


If you have a question, or would like to get in touch with me, you can do so by dropping me an email.


Wishing you an exquisite 2015 filled with the sounds of life, love and laughter.
Blessed be